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    In a previous post a couple days back. I wrote about a problem in which my rear channels had reversed signals (left channel was recognized as the right, right channel was recognized as the left) after I had disconnected the speaker wire from the back of the speaker to attach the speaker to a speaker stand. I fixed the problem after going to the back of the reciever and switching the wire for both the right and left rear channels (right to left, left to right). The thing is, why did this happen? when installing the speaker I never touched the back of the reciever. Is this just some wierd situation that was just a fluke? or is it something I should worry about? Is there a chance this could be a speaker wire problem and I should consider replacing my speaker wire soon? thanks.
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    Nothing wrong with the speaker cables.
    1. Are you sure someone vacuuming the carpet did not move the speakers and put them back incorrectly?
    2. Does the receiver have a switch to intentionally swap the left and right channels?
    3. Was the audio on that particular DVD incorrectly recorded so it comes out the wrong channels when played?
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    Was this problem on a single movie or did it occur in different sources and inputs? If it happened on different inputs and with different sources, then it's a problem with your receiver.

    If your wire is run directly from the speaker terminal to the speaker, there's no way in the world it could be a wire problem. About the only thing the wire can adversly affect is the quality of sound, not which channel sound goes to.

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