What would be your next upgrade with this ht? pwr conditioner advice needed too

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    Im beginning to think about upgrading. I like my current system but I have caught the bug and I am dying to make it even better. I have been thinking that the next upgrade should be the receiver but I haven't really been able to justify why. What would your upgrade be for the following system?

    Also, using this system, which power conditioner would you purchase? I want to get one I just have no clue where to start and how expensive I would need to go for the following system:

    Television: Panasonic Tau 36HX41 (HDTV)

    DVD: Integra DTS-5.2

    Receiver: Integra DTR-5.1

    Speakers: Atlantic Technology T70 system

    Gaming: XBOX

    Its a modest system. Im not sure what I want to upgrade. The TV was my latest purchase and I would like to hang onto it for another 4 years at least. Im waiting for the HDTV directv receiver with Tivo/Ultimate to come out before I move into the HDTV world.

    If you know anything about power conditioners let me know what I should look into for a system like this. Thanks in advance.
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    What folks first look into is a surge protector, in the off chance "lightning strikes" (not nec. literally), and because they find it convenient to use as a 6-10 plug power center behind the AV gear. Technically, these are not power conditioners at all -- which can cost many $100s and may not even be needed by most of us.

    You may already have an inexpensive surge strip, say 1200 Joules Rating. That's OK. You wont want to audition more expensive "power conditioners" if that's where you are heading, until AFTER upgrading the primary AV equipment and making certain you have the best electrical circuit from the home's listening/watching room back to the main service panel, depending on one's renting/owning status.

    Here's a link to a HTF Begineers Primer and FAQs with an internal link to several Under-$100 surge centers to look at.

    For further FAQs, the Primer access bug is located atop the Basics Area board.

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    How about using an uninterruptible power supply, like those used for computers? They are getting inexpensive and most models will protect against both spikes and brownouts.
    I put one on my Toshiba 57HDX82 and have had no problems. In fact, the one I got was a Belkin that was on closeout at Home Depot for $18! It handles a 200W load and gives it 10 minutes of backup power. My TV draws 190W, so it's close, but covered.

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    The biggest reason I purchased a more-than-basic surge protector was because of the warranty they offer. If anything plugged into the one I purchased is hit by a surge, even lightening, it is insured up to $250,000. That's impressive for a $30 surge protector. That makes me feel good, especially since power may not be all so clean in the dorm/apartment I live in at school. If I can find a good power conditioner for under $200 some time I may consider it, but right now my gear is on a similar level to yours and I don't feel I (or you) would benefit greatly from what it has to offer.

    Hope this helps [​IMG]

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