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I'm just about to finish transfering the last of my beta collection to dvd and it got me nostalgic and thinking about first titles and equipment. Like do you remember the first movies you bought as well as players you owned?
For me the very first VHS vcr I owned was a Fisher vhs vcr.
1st movie I bought was Friday the 13th The Final Chapter.
1st tape I owned was a vhs copy that a friend made me in LP of Octopussy and Escape from NY.
1st Beta I bought was King Kong the 76 version.
1st beta tape I owned was a copy of The Karate Kid(which I still have the tape as I wait for a widescreen dvd!) and Night of the Comet.
My 1st Beta vcr was a Sanyo player that had a wired remote control.
1st laser disc player was a Sony multi disc player and the 1st lasers I bought were The Godfather part III and Jungle Fever, both were pan and scan.
1st dvd player was a Toshiba and the 1st movies I bought were The Craft, Rocky Rocky II and Rocky IV.
What about you guys?

john mcfadden

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 11, 2003
First dvd player was a panasonic POS for 340.00 it died on me one year later ..first DVD was L.A Confidential (took 2 hours to pick out the best DVD to have the honor of being the first in my collection )

Laserdisc Pioneer (i forget the model number but it still works !!) bought it at a pawn shop for 120.00 first disc for that was The Last Boy Scout-cheapest ld i could find back then ($29.99) -lol

vhs JcPenny ? top load model -my dad brought home this beauty on march 19th of 1983 and the first movie i watched on it was Raiders of the lost ark ---the ending scared the shit out of me--i was 9 yrs old (sorry... but faces melting and exploding to a young impressionable kid --you get my drift)

Beta --i was given my stepmothers betamax and god did i love it i could copy ANY vhs rental with no prob of copy guard --plus a local rental place would have any beta new release in at any time --all VHS copies rented out ? no problem the beta copy was always in stock , then when they sold off the beta cassettes i got em for 2 bucks a piece no kidding !! so i bought most of em only to sell them to a person in the local paper for 4 bucks a piece i made a nice 200.00 profit back then ---god do i feel old as hell !! oh yeah first title was --if it counts i had V:the final battle recorded off tv on ONE beta cassette i watched that thing so much i swore i killed the machine from overuse--lol

:D --gr8 topic

Carl Johnson

Senior HTF Member
May 6, 1999
Real Name
Carl III
Your memory is better than mine. The only two formats I've owned are vhs and dvd and I couldn't tell you when I got my first vcr much less what my first movie was. My first dvd player was an RCA Divx player (which was returned when some anti Divx site made me aware that I could get a better player for less money from 800.com). My first dvd was Scarface.


Jan 10, 2003
1st and only full-time DVD player [Born/Bought: May 1999/5 years ago in Cruthchfield for $400+ / it is still working / played & watched over 1000+ DVDs already / just finished watching 6+ DVDs today] = SONY DVP-S550D

Other pseudo-DVD players being used (Bought 2-3 years ago / both still working): PS2 and laptop SONY VAIO PCG-GR370 ... Go SONY!!!

1st 2 DVDs = Ronin and Gone with the Wind (OOP/Discontinued) [Bought 1999 in buy.com before buying the 1st DVD player]

1st and last VHS player [Born/Bought: 1995 - RIP/Died: early 2003] = Panasonic Whatever

Never bought beta or laser disc players. Returned a Panasonic ? Divx player after trying it for one day (forgot the titles of divx discs?). :D

1st Movie seen in theaters = Superman: The Movie

Chris Will

Jan 7, 2003
Montgomery, AL
Real Name
Chris WIlliams
My first DVD player bought in May 1997:Sony DVP-S7000 I was the first person to buy a DVD player from my hometown HT store.

First DVD: Twister (actually the player came with 4 free DVDs: In The Line Of Fire, Fly Away Home, Tony Bennet Unplugged and some kind of Sesame Street DVD)

Next 3 DVDs: JFK, The Fugitive and Mars Attacks!

My parents bought Twister for me on a trip to Washington DC before I had the player. No one in my hometown was selling DVDs yet. I bought my next 3 from DVDExpress.com. It was my very first oline purchase too.
Jan 27, 2004
My first DVD player was a Sony DVP-S3000, purchased in the fall of 1997. It's still in use in my living room (replaced by a HK DVD25 in the theater), and according to the service menu it has nearly 3500 hours of DVD watching and 900 hours of CD playing on it. That thing is a tank!

I picked up Fargo (in the original "patented disc-scratcher" case) and Johnny Mnemonic at the same time I bought the player. I still maintain hopes of getting together with Dina Meyer some day. :)

Ronald Epstein

Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 1997
Real Name
Ronald Epstein
My first player was the Sony DVP-S7000
which I bought in February/March 1997.

First DVD titles: Batman and
The Wild Bunch.


Second Unit
Dec 8, 2003
My first "real" DVD player was a 5 disc Toshiba. Its still kicking and was bought in 2000.
First DVD: Independence Day 5 Star Collection 2000
2nd DVD: Highlander (the really awful version - and only at the time)

The first VCR I had.... wow I don't remember the model. The only thing I remember about it was that the remote was attached by a cord to the VCR. My parents had this one and it was circa early early 80s... 84?


Second Unit
Sep 12, 2003
In order of purchase.

Beta VCR - Sony 5000(?) - Humongous and heavy, about 10 inches tall, metal cabinet and weighs around 50 pounds. Have it in storage.

Hi-Fi Beta VCR - Sony ? mono VCR with the external Hi-Fi Processor that went underneath the VCR.

First Beta Tapes were Star Wars , Airplane and Star Trek II, if I remember right.

First VHS VCR was a RCA Hi-Fi VCR. First VHS tape was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

First LaserDisc player was around 1986 and was a Pioneer. First LD , don't remember.

First S-VHS VCR was a RCA with digital effects including mosiac, still of live tv or tape and other digital effects. In 1988.

Bought 1 other LD player before DVD came out. Has CLV features same as CAV. Don't know the model #.

First DVD was a combo LD/ DVD player from Pioneer. The DVL-700. Which when I bought it I could choose 5 free DVD's. Back in 1987 it was basically only Warner titles. One I know for sure was Eraser with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The most recent DVD player I got was free as a gift from Work. A Magnovox silver DVD with Zooom, which is a feature that the Pioneer doesn't have.

As for what I still own.

The Sony 5000, which is in storage.
The Hi-Fi Sony VCR, also in storage.
The Pioneer DVL-700 DVD/LD Player, still use.
The Memorex DVD Player, which is the DVD player I use most.
A Sanyo 4-Head Hi-Fi VHS VCR, not mentioned above, but is my current VCR I use.

All other machines I have bought have gone to the big entertainment heaven in the sky, AKA as trash.

Dan Rudolph

Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2002
The first VHS I owned was Star Wars (birthday present from my grandma). My first VCR was a 13" Panasonic TV/VCR combo that my parents got me for my 18th birthday 1998. It's still in operation.

The first tape I bought for this VCR was Anchor Bay's digitally mastered The Evil Dead, which I retired when I bought the movie on DVD, but I may still have somewhere.

My first DVD player was an iMac purchased in October of 1999. It came with a copy of A Bug's Life. I still have the iMac, buut I barely use it.

The first DVD I actually bought seperately was either Ghost in the Shell or Chasing Amy. I'm not entirely sure.


Supporting Actor
Dec 25, 2001
Real Name
Joshua Bal
Can't rememeber my first DVD player (it was nothing special in particular), but my first titles were in Christmas of 200, and they were:

The Patriot
Sleepy Hollow
Saving Private Ryan

My First VHS was:



Senior HTF Member
Aug 10, 2003
My first VCR was the one that my dad got for the family at Christmas in 1989. It was a big bulky machine. I have no idea what brand it was.

The first VCR I owned for myself was a RCA or Phillips that I gave to my family when I moved to college.

Current VCR is a Emerson that someone I know sold to me for $15 because they got 2 VCR's this past Christmas and it was from a relative in Maine and she didn't want to send it back. The relative bought it from a specialty store that didn't have any stores in my area.

First DVD player was a Panasonic that I bought in April 2000. My roomate has it right now because he's too damn lazy to send in his PS2 to get it fixed. The PS2 won't read DVD's but plays games fine, which is really weird.

Current DVD player is a Sony that I bought on clearance from Wal-mart for $60. One of my friends has it in her place.

First VHS movie was Back to the Future. Last VHS movie was Schindler's List in Widescreen. The only VHS tapes I've bought in the last 4-5 years have been blank ones to record TV shows.

First DVD was Saving Private Ryan. Last DVD I bought was Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

I'm too young to have had Betamax and Laserdisc although I'm pretty sure if I was 10-15 years older, I would have one or more of these machines.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 28, 1998
I remember our first VCR. Got it in 1980 I belive. Big bulky thing, with the pop top. You have to fine tine each channel with these little knobs. Pretty sure it was a Fischer.

My mothers friend owned a video store and got us a poptop Pioneer LD player(and HT setup)for nothing really(My stepfather was a plumber and did them alot of favors). That was in 1984 I think. Had a P&S copy of Revenge Of The Nerds in that player for a decade. My first remaster LD was Jaws which I got in 92,I think.I still have this player and it still works great!

First DVD player was a Sony in Dec 97. First Discs were all Xmas presents - Dances With Wolves, Star Trek Generations, Nightmare Before Xmas and Usual Suspects.

clayton b

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 12, 2003
First Beta machine: I want to say it was a Sanyo, but I'm not sure. The first tape we ever owned was Star Wars.

First LD player: Pioneer CLD-SD201, purchased for $321 and my first LD was Apollo 13.

First DVD player: Toshiba's original model, don't remember what it was called. Purchased dec 97 if I remember right. It still works, my brother has it. First DVD... Tombstone I believe.

Patrick McCart

May 16, 2001
Georgia (the state)
Real Name
Patrick McCart
My first VHS player was a very heavy RCA. About 10 years later, I got my own VCR player for a birthday (Samsung). Later, when the Samsung was posessed by a demon (probably the same one featured in The Exorcist), I replaced it with a used RCA. A few years ago, I bought a brand new Sony 4-head/stereo VCR that is fantastic.

I never got into laserdisc. I DO have a working Betamax player from the early 1980's that weighs a ton, though. I've been meaning to play around with it to see if I can use it for anything. The high school I went to was going to throw it out along with a couple dozen tapes!

My first DVD player was a Toshiba SD-1600 (got it in 2000). It's still a fantastic player and has yet to foul up any DVD. I sort of bought a 2nd DVD player when I got my laptop (which I'm typing on right now), since it has a DVD-ROM.

My first VHS tape, I think, was a public domain tape of Porky Pig cartoons. I still have the foul-looking tape. The cover is horrifying...

My first DVD's were The Abyss (2-disc, keep case), "Weird Al" Yankovic: The Videos (Image), and "The Ultimate DVD: Silver"


Senior HTF Member
Nov 3, 2003
Wow, Patrick, is that some sort of little-known Porky Pig/Deliverance crossover thing there? :D

I'm pretty sure my first DVD was The Third Man, Criterion.

Michael Sliger

Second Unit
Jan 10, 2000
My first VCR was bought in late 1983/early 1984 from a local stereo shop. It was a knockoff brand name (one I have never seen since), but had Panasonic guts IIRC (or so the repair shop claimed). I still don't believe I talked my parents into that $300 purchase, though it was a very cheap price for a VHS machine in that era. I have no clue what my first pre-recorded tape was since I just taped films off of cable TV for the first few years.

My first DVD player was a RealMagic Hollywood+ card, installed in my computer and outputted to my TV. That was purchased in Sept. 1999 (cheapo HTPC before the craze became big). The main reason for the purchase was to get ready for the recently announced "Back to the Future" disks. I guess I was a bit overprepared. :) My first DVD was supposed to be "Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different", but both copies at my local retailer had "8mm" encoded on the disks instead. I ended up buying "Terminator 2" the next day (the original release, sold it shortly after the Ultimate Edition came out) and ordering "And Now..." along with "Pleasantville" a few days later off the web (sigh, I miss those $20 off $100 coupons from Reel.com and Buy.com).

My first set-top DVD player was a Malata DVP-520 which I still use as my primary player.


Stunt Coordinator
Oct 22, 2003
My first dvd was" To Kill a Mockingbird" and my first player was a Power Mac G4 that i both got on christmas of 1999.


Second Unit
Jan 13, 2002
First DVD player: Sony DVP-S300 for $300.

First DVD: Patriot Games, bought before the DVD player.

I had a Pioneer laserdisc player, but only for a few months and can't remember the model number. I also can't remember the model number of my first VCR, an RCA player I got for graduation along with a 19" tv.

First movie seen in theaters: Star Wars, in 1979 or 1980, whenever it was re-released before Empire Strikes Back came out.


Nov 30, 2001
I don't remember what my first VCR, laserdisc player, VHS, and laserdiscs were.

My first DVD player was a Apex that my uncle gave me a few years ago. I was using the PS2 before that.

My first DVDs were Seven, The Mummy('99 one), A Clockwork Orange, and Gladiator.

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