What was your 1st HT system?

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  1. Phuong

    Phuong Stunt Coordinator

    Aug 6, 2001
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    Come on. We all got the bug somewhere during the college years, or for those who didn't go to college, our late teens and early 20s. We had the ambition but we didn't have the cash. At least I didn't.
    Here's my first home theater system, bought during my junior year in college. It was a bargain at the time.
    * Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble IV system ...the one with the 4-inch cubes that got a HOT TICKET rating in Home Theater Magazine.
    * Entry-level Pioneer Pro-Logic receiver with 65 watts for LCR and half of that for each surround channel. No subwoofer output. Spring connectors for all the speakers. But hey, compared to TV speakers, it was the bomb-diggety.
    * 20 inch Panasonic TV
    * roommate's hifi vcr for videotapes and listening to TV in surround sound
    It's been upgraded since, but I still have very fond memories of it.
    What's everyone elses' story?
  2. Chris Ball

    Chris Ball Auditioning

    Dec 15, 1999
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    My first system consisted of the following:
    Kenwood Matrix Surround Receiver
    Technics external "Dolby Surround" decoder
    Hitachi Hi-Fi VCR
    GE 21" Tv
    PSB 40MKII Mains
    Sherwood Surrounds
    Bose Center
    It was pretty cool system at the time but the surround decoder always to so long to get setup right and i always had to make changes for each movie. When i upgraded to pro-logic i was much happier.
  3. Alf S

    Alf S Cinematographer

    Apr 23, 2000
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    The FIRST attempt at surround was in college circa 1983..hooked up four speakers to my Pioneer stereo/record player combo and used a Y-Adapter to run the sound from the "mono" VCR to the stereo.
    Most of us in the dorm thought we had quite the system and thought "Romancing the Stone" on VHS sounded "awesome".
    After graduation, it was time for the Pioneer Pro-Logic receiver, and mix of Rat Shack and Pioneer speakers.
    Those were the days! hahaha
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  4. Wes

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    Sep 30, 1997
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    Utah USA
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    Wes Peterson
    My first set up where I meshed TV with audio was back in 83 when I hooked a JC Penny's stereo up to a 13" TV through the headphone jack. I also had 4 front speakers and two rear speakers!(Surround) [​IMG]
    (83) 13" TV mono played through stereo.
    (87) 19" TV Hifi VCR to stereo
    (89) 19" TV HiFi VCR to Memorex Dolby Surround processor
    (90) 19" TV HiFI VCR to Pioneer Dolby Prologic receiver
    and so on!
  5. Dustin B

    Dustin B Producer

    Mar 10, 2001
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    I started by adding a Pioneer HTB100 (summer between 1st and 2nd years) to my 25" Zeneith (grad gift) and 4-Head RCA VCR (Christmas present in my first year of University). Oh how little I knew then.
    Then I bought myself a set of Klipsch Promedia V2-400 speakers for my computer about a month before Christmas in my 4th year. It wasn't long after that, that I realized my computer speakers sounded better than my home theater. Combine that with getting a DVD player for Christmas that same year and I was bit. Found the appropriate resources on the internet and the sickness began. Within six months I had replaced everything with the best I could afford at the time.
    The only thing I've done since is replace my sub with a Tempest Sonosub I built this past summer.
    Now all I can think about is coming up with the cash to go to Paradigm Reference Actives [​IMG]
    My Adire Tempest Sonosub
  6. Keith Mickunas

    Keith Mickunas Cinematographer

    Dec 15, 1998
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    I put together my first system just after college in early '95, it consisted of the following:
    Magnavox 27" TV
    Magnavox Hi-Fi VHS
    Sony DPL receiver (cost $300 or so)
    Pioneer CLD-S104 LD Player
    Some cheapo Advent center (it was horrible)
    (the Best Buy card was smokin')
    Polk Audio S-10 for the main
    Infinity Reference EL bookshelves in the rear
    I've come a long way since then. But I'm still using the LD and VCR in my current system. The LD has been modded for AC-3 and plays everything I need it to. The VCR I keep just in case, but I rarely use it.
    I also have a Technics stereo receiver, Technics tape deck and real old Sony CDP-190 CD player that I used throughout college and later in my computer room. The receiver was knocked out by lightning this past spring, but may be repairable, and the others still work. I bought the CD player in 1990 and it even reads CD-R. I used a cheap pair ($80) of Pioneers for years with those, later supplemented by the Advents, then replaced by the Polks when I bought the set I'm currently using. Just last week I yanked the Pioneers out of the closet (where they've been for years), took them apart, and chucked the boxes in a dumpster (where they belonged). Perhaps the magnets will be useful.
  7. SkiingNinja

    SkiingNinja Second Unit

    Aug 14, 2001
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    I'm 27 now, but when I was 15 years old, I decided I wanted a stereo. I mean a stereo. Not some piece of crap. I had a job, and got another one. I finally saved enough money and went down to Circuit City not having any real idea of what I wanted. I just knew that I wanted it loud [​IMG]
    Went home with two Cerwin-Vega AT-15's (15" woof, dual 5" mids, 1" tweet-127db!, 4ohm) Onkyo TX-890M receiver (125WPC @ 8ohms), Onkyo single tape deck, Onkyo CD Player and of course, over-priced Monster Cable. I may have gotten some other things, but I can't remember (Got a Laser Disc player at some point in here...when did they come out? I was an early adopter). Needless to say, quite an improvement over mom's little Fisher stereo.
    Actually, the AT-15's are not the first speakers I went home with. I went with the AT-12's at first. I blew out the woof of one on the first day. Thanks to CC's generous return policy, I picked up a new one [​IMG] Merely hours after I got the new one home, I blew the other one! Being the idiot I am, I went back to the store while the same guy was on duty. He looked at me (remember, I'm a 15 year old skinny kid) and just shook his head. "Go pick up your new speaker" he says with just a hint of irritation (sarcasm). I decided to save him the trouble and took them up on their "Upgrade A Speaker" policy. I brought both back and traded in for the AT-15's ($700 for the pair).
    Anyway, since the Onk was only 2 channel, in '93 I added an Onk ES-600PRO DPL surround processor and 3 NHT speakers to round out my "Home Theatre".
    On August 7th of this year, after 10 or so years, I finally upgraded. I had no intention of doing so as I thought my system was pretty good. I found this board as well as avs and the upgrade bug was too much to resist.
    Diva 6.1 mains
    Diva 2.1 rears
    Diva C3 center
    Twin SVS 20-39s w/ Samson 700 amp & ART351 EQ
    Onkyo TX-DS696 receiver
    I blew a load of cash and I am thrilled I did. You should see the look on ppls faces when they enter my apartment. The Diva's are gorgeous and the SVS' are just big. Of course, their grin widens when I turn it on
    Thanks to all here and on AVS...I have been shown the light....
  8. Rachael B

    Rachael B Producer

    Jun 5, 2000
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    Knocksville, TN
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    Rachael Bellomy
    In the 1980's I had my LD player and VCR hooked up to my stereo. In 1990, I revamped for surround sound. Here was my first setup:
    Pioneer LD-838D, which was soon replaced by a CLD-52.
    Pioneer VSX-5000 reciever which I used as a pre for Dolby Surround.
    2 SAE 100 wpc amps
    4 Sony TL-5 tower speakers
    27" JVC TV
    JVC 970 VHS
    At the time it was a pretty snazzy set-up and well capable of disturbing the neibhors!
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  9. mctague

    mctague Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 9, 1999
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    Ummm, lets see...
    26" Mitsu TV
    cheesy "100"watt Sony Pro Logic
    Boston Acoustic T830 mains
    B&W Center
    PSB Alpha's rears
    zip wire, bundled interconnects.
    My 2 channel at the time was MUCH better. [​IMG]
    My first 2 channel included 35watt, silver faced Sony receiver....back when vinyl was the only real hifi source.
  10. Mats Kellberg

    Mar 21, 2001
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    Hmmm.. Let's see...
    If I remember correctly my first setup was simply to run a cable from the VCR (an early JVC-model, top-loaded with a cable-remote, if I remember correctly) to my Technics SA-GX100L receiver.
    Step 2 (1994 ?); I bought a second-hand Luxman F-105 Dolby Surround Processor, and also a Sony speaker-kit (which, when I later took it apart, showed itself to be equipped with one 4" midrange for each of the rears and 2x4" for the center), although the sound improved, it was by no means a good system. Apart from that I didn't like the look of the rear speakers, so I built small triangular boxes which fitted nicely close to the roof, although the easily distinguishable "box-like" sound was still apparent.
    As time went by, the Luxman started to hiss and make annoying "click"-sounds every now and then, leading, eventually, to retirement as soon as I got a job ( it had to do while I was studying, which probably overly prolonged it's life by at least 4 years).
    Sound delivered by my parents VCR (Panny), which I borrowed for 6 years - till recently.
    Step 3 (2000-2001); Yamaha DSP-A5, new rear and center, DVD etc... - System starting to sound reasonably decent.
    Aye, those were the days.....
  11. Jesse Skeen

    Jesse Skeen Producer

    Apr 24, 1999
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    1985: 26-inch RCA stereo TV/monitor with awful side-mounted speakers and JVC VHS Hi-Fi.
  12. Neil Joseph

    Neil Joseph Lead Actor

    Jan 16, 1998
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    Neil Joseph
    Depends on what classifies as a HT.
    I got into it after I hooked my first HiFi stereo VCR up to a 27" TV and a Sony stereo receiver and watched the first tape I ever bought (jurassic Park).
    My first real HT with DVD included...
    - Toshiba 2007 DVD
    - Sony prologic receiver
    - Sanyo 27" TV
    - JBL Flik centre and surround speaker kit
    - JBL bookshelf fronts
    - Kenwood 50W subwoofer
  13. Bjorn Olav Nyberg

    Bjorn Olav Nyberg Supporting Actor

    Oct 12, 1999
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    Depends too on the definitions. I started out with a 14" TV (Can't remember the name) and a mono VCR. I also had a Stereo consisting of Grundig integrated amp and a CD player with Marantz BS 10 speakers. After a while I figured out how to hook them botrh up so the stereo would play the sound from the TV, and it was immediate bliss compared to the TV's speakers. I guess that was my first HT?
    After a while, I took a big step up and purchased a Panasonic 32" Tau WS TV. I didn't want to bother with a step inbetween since a moderately big Widescreen TV was my goal anyhow, and buying something else in the meantime would be a waste of money. I have also bought a second hand (third actually [​IMG] )prologic amp and some Mission 700 speakers for surround, and I still use them.
    My hearing is not very good, so I kinda doubt I will get that much out of a big sound system, I've never heard much surround activity at either friends with better setup's or even cinemas. I do miss a subwoofer however, and I guess I'll end up getting a bigger receiver someday. But as with the TV, I do not want to get something I know will be replaced too soon.
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  14. Keith_R

    Keith_R Screenwriter

    Jun 16, 2001
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    I'm 16 now and I'm on my first HT system, I got the bug back when I was 14. My system right now consists of a 20' Sony Trinitron (4:3) and a Sony HTB (HT-DDW830) and a Toshiba 2150 DVD player. I'm currently working on getting $400 to buy my brother's widescreen 52' set (non HD ready) he bought a new WS HDTV and is willing to sell me his old non HD WS set.
  15. Doug_H

    Doug_H Supporting Actor

    Mar 21, 2000
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    Mine started after I was robbed, I lost everything. The next week I headed over to BB and picked up a new 32" TV. I needed a new stereo system as well so I started looking around and ended up back at BB. They had an open box Aiwa receiver with a big dent on top. It included a bunch of speakers and a sub. $100
    I had no idea what all of this was for but took it home and set up the front speakers and the sub and thought wow this is cool.
    Then my GF got a DVD Player for christmas and I was off and running. I found the forum and the next thing I knew I was upgrading and buying like a madman.
    I also drug a very good friend into the hobby kicking and screaming. He was anti DVD, anti surround but now has a kick butt system of his own.
    As a side note I have sold the pieces from that original system and came out $100 ahead.
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  16. JonZ

    JonZ Lead Actor

    Dec 28, 1998
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    1.Sony 32 inch TV
    2.Pioneer Top Open LD player
    3.Fisher Stereo,Receiver and Speakers
    4.Fisher VCR
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  17. Dave Morton

    Dave Morton Supporting Actor

    Oct 19, 2000
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    I bought my first system in grad school in '90. It was a Nakamichi Receiver 3 and a pair of Inifinity SM-112 for the mains. Hooked up the cable and vcr to it and viola!!
    I still have all those but use the receiver as part of an audio only system in the front room with some norh 5.2 that I got this year. Sounds great. My Infinity speakers are just collecting dust, but are in mint condition.
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  18. Grant B

    Grant B Producer

    Mar 29, 2000
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    Carver C2 (S/n under 100) preamp with sonic holography and rear speakers with adjustable delay
    RCA Discvision player (they were in their own cartridges but they were stereo unlike vhs and beta)
    Carver M500 Magnetic field amp (500 watts a side nominal)
    Magnavox top loading cd player (1st model phillips/ magnavox put out.... 30lbs and I could warm my room with it!)
    Curtis Mathis vhs vcr
    Heathkit 25 inch Tv which I tapped the audio out of into the preamp
    Had a digital recording of the 1812 overture.
    People would come by my room to see me physically move drapes when the cannons went off (I would peg both meters)
    Built a surround sound decoder for my senior project but couldn't find anything to decode
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  19. brentl

    brentl Cinematographer

    May 7, 1999
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    UHM [​IMG]
    Yorx AM/FM, dual cassette, record player on A and B speakers.
    with a Toshiba 20" TV
    and a Toshiba 4 head MONO vcr
    a pair of Pioneer 3 way car speakers and a pair of Koss speakers for mains.
    LL cool B
    Still sounds great TOO [​IMG]
  20. Eric Scott

    Eric Scott Second Unit

    Oct 4, 2000
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    Opps... at least I get an extra post!
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