What version did you get from Netflix: Mummy Returns, Pulp Fiction, True Romance...?

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    I just signed up with Netflix, and I'm trying to see if I can get the newer, better versions of these movies and I'm wondering what are your experiences. For some of these I know they have them and it's just random what version you get. For others, I don't know what versions are available. I wish they could be more clear than this, but obviously if they gave the option most people would pick the newer version. So, have you rented these? If so did you get a newer version?

    Here are some of the titles in question:

    1. Mummy Returns - I want WideScreen, of course.
    2. Pulp Fiction - the new one with better SE transfer. BTW, what will I look for to know the difference right off?
    3. True Romance - I'd like the newer SE transfer.
    4. Romeo + Juliet - newer SE transfer.

    If there are any other ones you want to comment on, feel free.

  2. Rob Tomlin

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    Jan 8, 2000
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    I have only had experience with The Mummy Returns. Unfortunately, I received the Pan and Scan version. [​IMG]

    I emailed them about this, indicating that I didn't think they were in tune with their target membership.

    It seems that since then, they usually carry only the widescreen versions of movies when they are available in both formats.

    (after re-reading my post, I realized it sounds like I am inferring that my email made a difference. Not likely. But, it is possible they received many complaints about this, and actually made a change for the better?!)
  3. LukeB

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    If the listings for Pulp Fiction and True Romance specify "Disc One", then it'd be a safe bet you're getting the movie disc from the re-releases. If not, most likely the original releases.

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