What to use when auditioning widescreen RPTV's?

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    What DVD's would you recommend that I take with me when I go to shop around for RPTV's? I'm already planning on taking "The Fifth Element" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Any others that you would recommend as a "reference quality" DVD to do this with?
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    I like using Gladiator as one of my reference disks. The opening forest battle scene has a number of images that can trip up an RPTV. In particular, look at the arrows and spears sticking up into the air at an angle. You are looking for jaggies and crawling along the edges. Another place to look is on the medallions and chain holding the emperor's cloak. You should be able to make out all the details and there should not be any shimmering or artifacts.
    Another disk is Jurassic Park II, the scene where the helicopters are bringing in the new equipment. If you look at the barred windows on the armored lab vehicle as it pans from left to right the bars should be stable and solid. If they shimmer or the color flickers there is a problem.
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