What to look for when buying a house

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    I'm planning on buying a house this year (no more rent!). I currently have a 57" 16:9 RPTV that will be the basis for my HT until I can buy a Projector (soon... soon...) and have the space for it. I'm planning on looking for a space (basement?) in whicn I could build a room that would serve as a HT, I'm not going to go overkill on this house as it will be our first and we don't want any kids for a while. But what kind of demensions do I need in order to build a room which would be spaceous enough to fit a couch and a few chairs whith a screen 8-10'.

    Since I know some of you have built your own rooms, how much space do I need for walls etc.

    My two criteria in a house are the kitchen and finding space for a HT, well that and a 2 car garage ;-) Lucky for me I can get all that for not too much over 100-130k....

    Brian (glad he's not on the east or west coast)
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    Ceiling height...clean electric..NO LEAKS!!!! Water in a basement is DEADLY!

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