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    Ok,The time is near,just over a month until I can finally buy a front projector.

    I have been at projector central looking at the used lcd and dlp projectors and I notice alot of different things.What exactly do I need to be looking for.My main use will be dvd but I cant say I wont watch the occasional tv "special" using my dish and I would probably want to watch the Sopranos on it as well.

    I know the more lumens the better...right?What about contrast ratio,what range do I start looking for there,and what about resloution?My budget will probably be @ or under $1500.

    Also,with a lcd/dlp pj. is it going to just need the dvd player or will I need somthing inbetween or a progressive scan player or what do I look for to see what it can handle?

    Thanks in advance,I know you guys will help a htf brutha out
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    You will want a source that is progressive. Reportedly Panasonic RP56 puts out a good pic for not much cash due the sage/faroudja chip. HTPC delivers the best pic and can be used as a scaler/line-doubler for peanuts ($50 capture card + free dtv software). I run an HTPC based on a Radeon LE graphics card and Soundblaster Live value to pump out the DD/DTS bitstream. It works very well but the initial HTPC setup can be a little tricky.

    DLP & LCD have different tradeoffs. DLP offers generally better contrast ratio (blacker blacks & shadow detail) and less screendoor but suffers from rainbow artifact. LCD suffers from more visible screendoor (depends on viewing distance IMO), typically less contrast ratio, dead pixels, but maybe has more vibrant colors and brighter output. Check projectorcentral.com for some tutorial type info and projector specs.

    I have the LT150 which is 4:3 DLP Xga 800lumen output and 800:1 contrast ratio. It does suffer from rainbow to my eye but no complaints from any family members.

    I have a 50" RPTV (sdtv) and I can't bear to watch dvd on it after getting the LT150 - you just see everything on the big screen. Now that's the movies!

    Be sure to check the DLP/LCD PJ and HTPC forums at avsforums.com for much more than you care to know.


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