What to do with KENWOOD - KM-X1000 POWER AMP(s)

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  1. Bill Johnston

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    Nov 20, 2001
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    I have 3 NEW KENWOOD - KM-X1000 POWER AMPLIFIERs that I got from my grandfather... We ended up NOT using them for a project, so after collecting dust, he gave them to me...

    I was originally going to find a preamp for them, but there really isn't that many choices out there... and I think these amps are OVERKILL for my livingroom, not to mention, stacking 3 amps, 1 preamp (Can you say $1000 for a 5.1 preamp), 1 DVD, 1 VCR, this won't look that swell in my living room... and the time I save up $$$$$ for a theater an my basement, these amps would be outdated... So I opted to sell them...

    So far I sold one for around $300.00 (on E-bay), which is pretty good seeing we paid $400-$425 each 3-4 years ago seeing they were blowing them out...

    I plan on putting the next one on e-bay soon...

    Now my question...

    As you all know, I am looking @ kenwood VR-509, VR-510, and Onkyo 595... Out of all three of these amps, the Kenwood VR-510 has pre-outs for ALL 5.1 channels... I am wondering if I should keep ONE amp, get a VR-510, and use one of the amps for the main L & R's? Seeing they are 130 watts x 130 watts, and have a 0.01% THD?

    Or is it best just to dump all 3 of them, take the $900, get the Kenwood or Onkyo, and my Jamo Apollo satalites... and be done with it...?

    Thanks for any input...

  2. Bruce N

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    Feb 13, 2000
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    Or keep one amp and use it to drive some SV subs!


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