What to do with an Old RPTV

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  1. Chris Sigua

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    Feb 16, 2001
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    Got a 45" 1983 RCA RPTV that I need to get rid (has vertical hold and convergence problems) of to make room for a new one. What have you guys done when you got new TVs? This thing doesn't exactly fit in the garbage can ;-). I was thinking of maybe donating it (I have the service manual and addendums) as I think it is still is fixable. No family members want it, so any other ideas would be welcome.
  2. Allan Jayne

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    This is "two cents", not "a recommendation".
    1. See if a charity who will give you a tax deduction receipt will take it. (The receipt is to ensure that they don't throw it in the trash first thing.)
    2. Sell it for thirty dollars (The thirty dollars is to ensure that it doesn't go into the trash first thing.)
    2a. In my area there is a want ad magazine that doesn't charge a commission or fee until after it sells, perhaps your area has this too.
    2b. Put up advertisements in your local or nearby supermarkets, high schools, churches, condominium clubhouses, etc. bulletin boards for free.
    2c. Use E-Bay or similar on line auction, explicitly stating that it is cash and carry, you don't arrange let alone provide packing and shipping.
    In all cases advertise up front what the defects, vertical hold, etc. are.
    Other video hints: http://members.aol.com/ajaynejr/video.htm

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