What to consider besides Mini-Monitors?

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    I'm going to be purchasing some speakers around Christmas and I'm wondering what you would recommend. I'm looking for 5 speakers(center, main left and right, and surround left and right). I auditioned a Paradigm set-up of Mini-Monitors, the CC-370 center, and Titans for rears. The total was right under $1000 Canadian so with the exchange that's about $630USD. I really liked how that set-up sounded, but I'm open to suggestions. I would like 5 speakers and I'm not worried about oh say below 60 hz or so. I also have usable "stands" so that isn't a problem. Any help is appreciated.
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    If you are considering Paradigm Monitor, the PSB Image series is always worth a listen.
    Four 1B and an 8C; two 2B, two 1B and an 8C; two 2B, two 1B and a 9C. All sorts of combinations to consider. You may also want to consider stepping up to the Mon5 for mains with Paradigm as well.
    You'll definately have to give them a listen first (some people don't like horn tweeters), but with their high efficiency a lot of people dig Klipsch as well. Their Synergy bookshelf line should fit your budget.
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