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John Roger

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May 12, 2004
What should an ideal 2 way bookshelf look like?What should be the woofer size, 5 inch or 6 or larger.To use with a 8inch 100W active sub.

I am confused about 2 way or 3 way.What would a 3 way speaker have in advantage if there is already a sub?Better mid or better bass?


Mar 8, 2004
There really isn't a way to judge a speaker based solely on driver size. Generally, larger midbass drivers mean more low-frequency extension and a better roll-off, but it depends on the build quality of components used in the drivers, cabinet, and crossover. Thus, once again, the answer is "whatever you think sounds best." Generally, I'd try to stay under the size of the subwoofer for a midbass, though.

3-way speakers allow the load to be split such that the most efficient driver for each frequency spectrum handles that load, generally leading to louder speakers at the same amplification level. This, again, depends on the quality of components used. The only way to get better sound from the same source is to use better drivers or a better crossover, so (theoretically) adding another equivalent-quality driver to a speaker to handle the middle frequencies (such as in a 3-way) will not necessarily lead to better sound unless the drivers were not well-matched to begin with (if, for example, the midbass was crossed over too high or the tweeter too low).

...or, I may just be wrong about all of this. I was just kinda guessing based on what makes sense. Anybody care to help?


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Aug 19, 2002
Generally, you are right there bill, but only *VERY* generally, to the point of not really being a useful synthesis.

You can really only judge a speaker by the sound it produces. There are HUGEly different ways to design speakers, and both excellent, and absolutely terrible implementations of the same basic design. There are probably hundreds of different roughly 6-in bass driver and tweeter two-way bookshelves out there, ranging in price, design, and sound quality. I own just such a pair, and paid quite a bunch for them. I easily could have gotten some very nice floorstanders, or some 3-ways, or whatever, but the sound here was superior. Superior bass to some other bookshelves with larger drivers as well.

more than 2-way designs are more difficult to do well, so while they are done, they are harder to do well, and will usually be quite pricey. Again, it all comes back to the sound, and looking at driver sizes and ways is tantamount to describing the driving characteristics of a car by looking only at the tires it has. Sure, maybe you could see if it has off-road tires it's probably not a sportscar, but other than that...

same goes with speakers.


Jul 2, 2003
Again, I'll answer what I just posted to a similar thread of yours:

Whichever sounds better to you and fits into what you can afford. Specs like that are even less significant than wattage. Most speaker lines now have a matching centre, so once you find the stereo pair you like, finding the centre is a no-brainer.

You can mix and match of course, but 9 times out of 10, there's no need to.

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