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Bobby J.

Dec 13, 2004
I am new to this site and also new to home theater systems.I am needing speakers for my home theater.Here's what have so far i have a Sony 60" lcd Grand Wega television and a Yamaha RX-V750 7.1 audio reciever 100watts x 7.I am thinking of getting the SVS pb10-isd or pb12-isd subs.I am considering B&W speakers. Is this a good choice if not what ones do you recommed?Is the sub a good choice? it is going in the basement which is about 1200 sq. ft. i am looking to keep the speaker cost at around $1500 not including the cost of the sub.

Ricky c

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 28, 2001
I recently picked up a pr of b&w 603s3 and just got the center the lcr600s3 eventually i'll have complete setup waiting to get the 601s3 for surrounds.They sound great to me.I have a def.tech 2000tl sub that i have from my old system and it works for me for now.The svs is a good sub for what i have read.Just listen to some B&W setups.I really like mine.Just so you know i have been getting my spkrs gradually as money becomes availabe.I got my receiver first then got the mains then center now i'll be getting the surround when i can.Therefore switching from a previous setup.

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
Take what we say with a grain of salt as we are a forum sponsor, but the Ascend Acoustics system consisting of 4 CBM -170's (L+R,RS,LS) a CMT-340C center and HTM-200's in the rear are a very good setup that will take on the likes of B&W, B&O, Polk, Infinity, JBL, Cambridge, KEF, Klipsh, Bose, Boston Acoustics, Wharfdale, NHT, ADS, Pinnacle, Etc in image detail and when we mated them with an SVS sub such as the PB10-ISD or PB12-ISD it really becomes and even more amazing system with 18-16 Hz low end. We think they are mated well together and make for some great values.

There are many other systems out there so it is best to listen to as many as you can to see which you like, be it soft dome or hard dome, wide dispersion or narrow, deep bass or just accurate, each system has it's own nuances that mainly have to be heard if you plan on using them for music as well. Speaker selection for some is a religious experience and to others a swing by Costco or Best Buy for the cheapest stuff they can find.

Best advice I can give is stick to a budget and buy the best sounding stuff you can get for the money if that is a restriction. We personally feel we sell some of the best values, but we are biased in that respect as we sell what we like. Listen to as many people as you can, ask the most questions, go to all the home theater forums and listen to what people have to say and compare notes. Find a size that you can live with (big, medium, small or in-wall) and work with that as a starting point. Second choose what you would like (wood vs black or colored) and then choose the speakers that fit that criteria based on your price maximums. Narrow your focus to either home theater, music or both, THEN go listen to them and bring plenty of source material like LOTR, or classic action flick, a DVD-A selection, some classic rock, some ethereal music, classical if you are so inclined, and perhaps a test DVD or 2, etc. Narrow the field down to some 4-5 sets and listen to as many as you can then make your choices based on what you or many other people have heard.

I think that is the proper way to choose any speaker system and solid advice from anyone, dealer or no dealer. :D

Just my 2 cents.

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