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Apr 5, 2003
I am going to be running a Sunfire Theater Grand III pre/pro and Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature II amp (400 watts per channel 8 ohm ).

I am trying to decide what speaker wire to use. I have read all different opinions, but I am wondering if anyone uses Canare 4S Star Quad wire which is actually 4 separate 14 gage wires and you combine two wires to one speaker terminal and the other two to the other. It is the equivalent of 11 gage wire, but by spiraling the wires it is supposed to greatly reduce any noise interference or power loss. It costs .69 per foot.

On the other hand there is regular clear 12 gage wire from Parts Express for .39 per foot.

Does anyone have any opinions or ideas where to get good prices on speaker cable and what would be best to use ? I can put my own ends on so I can't see spending hundreds of dollars for pre-made cables.

Also, is it better to use spades than banana plugs ? I won't be disconnecting very often so that is not an issue, but it seems that a spade will be a much tighter connection.

My longest wire will be about 35 feet to the rear right speaker so I want to use good wire to prevent any signal loss or interference.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Brett DiMichele

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 2001
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I use RadioShack Najaho White CL-2 In Wall 14Awg for my
Surrounds (30 foot run of wire) terminated with RadioShack
24K Banana Plugs on each end.

For my mains I run SoundKing 12Awg (10' runs) I buy the 100'
spools from Parts Express and terminate those in RadioShack
24K Banana's as well.

There is no real winner between spades or banana's the
advantage of banana's is thier ease to plug and unplug.

Chu Gai

Senior HTF Member
Jun 29, 2001
Spades are nice for a good secure connection while bananas are nice for the flexibility. Myself, I like spades on the speakers and bananas on the amp end but really it comes down to whatever works for you.
As far as reducing interference that's really not an issue however if it's something that's eating at you and is going to cause lost sleep and possible hair loss then going with wire that's twisted will serve to minimize that. You could of course twist 12 gauge on a drill but damn that looks ugly. OTOH, you'll find 12 gauge from KunKonceptz in attractive colors that's twiste already. Not a big thing. You'd need one big ass hell of an RF signal such that it would be capable of driving a speaker.
Both choices are fine.

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