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Jan 25, 2006
So I basically have the most pieced-together/junky system ever. It works because I can' t stand the TV's speakers, but it is way less than ideal. However, I will have no money after a receiver purchase. I'm going to get a Denon 2113 so I'll have 7.1 at that point. Room is 14x20, but moving soon to a place with a 25x28 room that's really open. 1. Aiwa AV-X100 -- Pro Logic, around 50-60w (used to be so awesome!) 2. Jamo center channel (old, tweeter replaced and not very good sounding) 3. Boston Acoustics BA-7 (these are actually pretty good sounding to me, but maybe there's better stuff out there I haven't heard) 4. Yamaha 30 watt speakers from the early 90s. They're square and small. 5. Old Onkyo sub from the early 90s. I do want as nice as possible, but I'm thinking of doing it in pieces at 250-350 a pop spread out over a year or so. UNLESS, the sound difference won't be all that noticeable and I could get away with something cheaper. I'm not that picky, as obviously anything will be better than this setup. Basically, what piece should I replace first, or can I do a couple? Can I keep any of this or is none of it worth it? 60% movies, 35% sports and shows, 5% music. Looking for sound quality only. I don't care about looks or size at all. Overall budget is probably 300 per speaker unless someone can convince me to spend 400 for some reason. This is going to be done in pieces adding one every month or two, though.


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Mar 17, 2009
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Here's how I do my upgrades: Display -> Receiver/Amp ->Front Speakers->Sub->Rear Speaker->Center->Back Speakers If you are looking to start out maybe get some decent bookshelves on stands and progress that way. Perhaps Infinity or Emotivas

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