What software to chart sub freq response?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by 347strokin, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Hello, new guy here. I'm curious, what software or equipment are you guys using to measure and chart subwoofer frequency response? I've always just tuned by ear and spl levels but I'm putting together a new system and really want to have it bang on. Also, does the Audessey auto set up on many of our receivers help level out subwoofer frequency response? A little background on my current system. Running a Denon AVR2311CI, Jamo C 607 fronts, Energy C7 center, Velodyne DEQ-15R sub, and some Yammie rears. I've got an SVS SB13 Ultra on the way and will be removing the DEQ-15R from the system. I'm also installing Polks 265LS front and center and 65LS's in the rear to replace my existing speakers. I'm really looking forward to this new sub and the clarity it should bring compared to my current one note wonder. I'm also looking forward to the look of the Polks and being timbre matched all around.
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    I use the PEQ spreadsheet and an older Radio Shack SPL meter. One of these days I'll get a mic and the Room EQ Wizard software.

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