What should I upgrade after my new TV?


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Mar 27, 2006
My question concerns upgrading my current setup to take more advantage of current technology. My current stuff is:
Speakers - LCR60, DM602S3's front, 3 DM600S3's in back (L/R/C), Yamaha sub
Receiver - Kenwood VR6070 Receiver
DVD - Kenwood Soveriegn DV5900
TV - Mitsubishi 55809 (55" rear projection)

My TV is almost 6 years old, and while it still performs great for its age I know it's a matter of time. This will like be my next upgrade, going to a 1080p (model tbd). Currently the highest input I have on any all of my equipment is component video and digital audio through using the optical inputs/outputs.

I know I will have to move to using HDMI inputs/outputs to take full advantage of the increased audio/video quality. I know my new TV will already have this, but none of my current components do. So logically, what should my first upgrade be to be able to take the most advantage of the higher vieo/audio quality? I'm thinking an upconverting receiver, but that's only based on what I know, which is not much. After the new TV, is a receiver that can upconvert from my existing equipment the next logical step, or am I missing something. Thanks!

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Mar 8, 2004
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and hope it doesnt die in the format war.

Personally im holding out on HD-DVD and Blu-ray, I think the price is far to expensive, and an upconverting dvd player can do an amazing job. Besides, I dont want to re-purchase my collection of DVD's. If you want to take the plunge, that's great, Im not saying it doesnt have quality.
But, a new AV Receiver would probably be your best bet and make more sense. something that could possibly have HDMI switching built in, I dont think many receivers currently have the capabilities to do DTS-HD and Dolby HD. Not to mention that the new HDMI 1.3 will be coming out too. If your not planning on upgrading any time soon, just wait to see what happens with the new technologies being introduced into the home theater field


Jan 15, 2006

Yea, you have a point.
For the original thread starter, don't upgrade anything yet Receivers and players will eventually get that HDMI 1.3 thing soon.

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