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    First of all, Hello HTF community.

    I'm looking for a Home Theater Setup for my 3-year old Bravia LCD TV. Please suggest every component as I don't have much knowledge in the field of home theaters but otherwise I'm a tech freak :P (I would be highly thankful to anyone who can explain as much as possible about the aspect that he/she is writing about as I don't want to remain a n00b in the field :P ) Please suggest 2-4 options for every component as not every brand is available in my country(India) and also I'm going to Thailand in the month of October so if better options are available(new-releases) there I can consider to buy it. I'm willing to do the availability research myself if you don't want to do it :D It's nightime here so I can't provide many details but If you want any details I'll give them at a later interval of time.

    thank you :)

    P.S.: I'm planning on getting 3 sets(one each for my father and his 2 brothers) worth 20k, 25k and 50k(ALL IN INR) or $345, $430 and $865.

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