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    Jan 15, 2002
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    I would really appreciate some advice on the best type of screen to use with my new dedicated HT room.
    The room is totally light controlled and is always set pitch black for viewing. The screen (for want of a better word!) is just a 150" diagonal matt white painted rectangle on a matt black wall. Probably not ideal- but it does ok - please read on. The rest of the walls and floor are dark curtains and carpet respectively. The projector (Sony 11HT) is 17' from the screen, and the viewing seats are right under it.
    The projected image looks darn good with excellent colour fidelity, no screen-door, etc. My 11HT has been SMARTS tweaked, so the contrast is probably as good as it can get for this type. I am quite happy with the Sony. The overall display, though, could be ever so slightly brighter - not much, but just a little! I reckon the best way to achieve this would be to use a screen with some sort of gain, so my questions are :
    . Is my thinking reasonable? Please don't suggest replacing the projector with something brighter - my replacement budget cycle is in the early part of its' curve. And the wife would never agree.
    . Would a grey screen give me improved contrast AND an overall gain in brightness, or should I stick to white?
    . Is there more I can do to the environment to improve the situation?
    . Given the screen size, is it possible to buy good quality screen material somewhere and make up my own frame?
    . The lamp is > 1000 hours. Would it have significantly dimmed over time?

    Thanks in anticipation,
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    A screen of >1.0 gain will increase your brightness. A screen that is gray based will give you a perceived increase in contrast. Something like the Stewart Firehawk will do both (1.35 gain gray/silver based screen).

    Your environment sounds very good. That is a rather large screen for a 11HT though.

    The lamp has definitely lost at least 25% of the illumination it had when new.

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