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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by MichealHebert, Feb 27, 2004.

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    Ok after looking into a HTIB and hearing a few (they really do suck) I have decided to try and work with what I have. Currently this is what I have...

    Samsung 42' RPTV
    Apex DVD player (don't know the model but it is a very basic one, but does have digital decoding through coaxial)
    Motorola 5100 HDTV cable box (coaxial and optical outputs)
    DCM KX-6 Series 2 (100W with 8ohms will use for Front L&R)
    Boston Acustics HD7 (75W with 8ohms will use for surround L&R)

    I have ~$240 to spend and was thinking that my best bet would be to get a reciever and a center channel. No need for a sub right now because I live in an apartment complex. I found a decent Pioneer VSXD412S at Circuit City for $180, but I am not set on it. I have been told that it would be best to get a matching DCM center channel but I can't seem to find the one to match the two fronts that I have. I think they are to old? Besides the DCM centers that I found that could handle 100W was $120 which pushes me over my budget. Do I really need to have a DCM center channel? Are there any suggestions for recievers and center channel to best match my set up? Please help....
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    Why is this in A/V sources?

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