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What receiver for infinity primus speakers? (1 Viewer)


Oct 30, 2004
Ok, I've pretty much decided my home theater setup, here it goes...

Center- Infinity Primus c25
Main Fronts -Infinity Primus 360 (x2)
Surrounds- Infinity Primus 150 (x2)
Subwoofer- Infinity PS-12

I know a lot of audio places offer the 150's for free, and this leaves about $500 in my budget for a receiver. The room is 22x20, and I'm stumped on what to look at for a receiver. Any suggestions are welcome!

Note: The guy at Ultimate Electronics reccommended a Yamaha 7.1 reciever...

James Phung

Second Unit
Jun 4, 2004
I've got an infinity setup also. I'm currently running a pair of Infinity Alpha 50 floorstanders with Primus 150 as surrounds and Alpha 37c 3 way center. For $500, you're not going to find a better receiver IMHO than the Pioneer 1014tx. It is a rebadged Pioneer Elite 52tx. 110x7 wpc ALL CHANNELS DRIVEN (you're not going to find that in any of the yamahas at that price point). THX Select, DPL IIx, Auto MCACC speaker and EQ autocalibration.

I would highly recommend the Alpha 50s over the Primus 360 if you haven't gone with them yet. If you've seen the Infinity Beta 50s, they are the new models that replaced the Alpha 50s (which also retailed for $1000/pair) and are almost identical. My Ultimate Electronics had a pair of Alpha 50s left on clearance, unfortunately they wouldn't give me the free Primus 150 with those speakers, so I went and bought the Alpha 50s at Circuit City instead and got the free pair. The Alpha 50s should be about the same price as the Primus 360s. I was able to get my Alpha pair for under $500. Crutchfield also has the promotion and the Alphas can be had for $600/pair from them.

It obviously seems that you want your speakers to match, and I was also seriously looking to match my infinity speakers with an infinity sub. But for what you are probably paying for the sub, you can get the SVS sub for less and it will sound worlds better IMO. I myself am saving up for the SVS PB10, but for what you're looking at, you'll be better off with SVS PB12 at much less than the infinity sub.

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