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What rear speakers for 7 channel?? (1 Viewer)


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Jul 12, 2001
I am getting ready to finalize the details of my upgrade and am still frusterated over what type of rear speakers to get. First off, movies are more important to me as I listen to a lot of music, but not as critical or impacting, as my movie experience. I have a group of friends who come over for movies quite a bit too.

I am getting the Denon 3805, too many features and a very good power rating to forego for seperates at this time. The speakers will be mated with Boston Acoustics VRM-60s, VR10, & VRMXs. My wife really wants me to get in-walls, well really she wantes the upgrading to stop as she, herself, prefers the wall mounted Toshiba thru factory speakers in the bedroom than relaxing nights in the living room.

My question is, will monopoles foot the bill well? The sides are dipoles but I see many people running four dipoles, bipoles, or quad (yep, Axiom users) across the side and back for better matching.

Also the speakers are approximately $400 each, so cost is not a factor, my choices are:

1) VRi560 in-walls, tweeter and mid match fronts
2) VRMX - dipoles (matching) on wall speakers though
3) VRM-EX - same speaker (4 drivers) but configured as a rear center (2)

Any help is appreciated.

BTW - If you are running 7 channel what speakers do you have and, more specifically, what type of configuration are the rear 4?

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