What projector to buy for a game room?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Eric Tobias, Sep 11, 2005.

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    I am looking for a projector for a game room. The approximate maximum distance to the screen is 12-16 ft, depending on how I layout the room. The room is 24x16.5x10. I want to make it more of a gameroom/HT room rather than just a HT room. I am going to try to also squeeze in a pool table and a air hockey table for the family. I know it won't have the ambience of a straight HT but will be more funtional for the family.

    I am thinking of a inexpensive plasma maybe a 42-50 on the wall for playing pool, air hockey, my son watching tv. I have seen some 50" plasmas at Costco for $2500. Then also have a projector with a screen that could come down for me and my wife when we watch movies after he goes to sleep to give us the big effects.

    What projectors do you suggest for up to $3,000 street price and possibly up to %5,000 street price, and is it worth spending the extra dollars?

    I have seen many positive comments on the infocus 4805. I have heard I should try to stay with a DLP projector. I don't really have the opportunity to demo them in the local stores. I have even considered buying one of the ones Costco carries because there return policy is very easy. And they carry some that are rated well. They carry a new Optome H27 which just got very good ratings in one of the recent magazine reviews.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    No consumer grade front projector will give good results in a room that still has lights on for playing pool, etc. Remember that "black" is what the screen looks like with the projector turned off.

    You could go for a Sanyo PLV-Z3 or a Panasonic PT-AE700 which are 720p LCD models that also do nicely for 1080i HDTV.

    If you haven't watched a DLP for any length of time, do so before buying, even if you are standing in a TV store showroom for several hours. Some people get headaches because the DLP technology involves alternate flashing of red, green, and blue content on the screen. Audition a DLP projector with the same "2X", "4X", "5X", etc. color wheel spec. as the projector you are th inkig of. This spec. implies the flash rate where one flash rate may give you a headache while another flash rate does not.

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