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What MR-16 bulbs is everyone using? (1 Viewer)

Dave Milne

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Jul 2, 2001
Just wondering if any of you have found the best performance/price for these 12V halogen reflector bulbs. Since prices locally range from $6 to $10 per bulb, I've been shopping on the Internet. But I got a batch of "Sylvania Tru-aim" BABs (20w wide flood) and their light had a definite olive-green cast. I had to replace all eight in the theater so they would match. Now lately, I've observed that the OSRAM EXNs (50w wide flood) seem to flake off their dichroic coating before the bulbs burn out. The GE "Precise" line seems to be very high quality, but I haven't found them at a good price.

Is the quality of these things deteriorating or am I just getting what I pay for ($2.15 to $4.50 on line)?

I have about 100 MR-16 fixtures around the house and yard, so I would like to find a source for high-quality bulbs at a good price. I don't mind buying 20-30 at a time; I hate getting caught without a replacement.

Leo Kerr

May 10, 1999
The Sylvanias tend to start at a strange color and age to a different strange color. (Osram is either the parent or the subsidiary of Sylvania.)

Philips aren't too bad, but may tend to flake toward the end of their life.

GE seems to be the best - and the most expensive. Check out also the GE EZX - a 20w VNSP that puts out a curiously square beam - and very tight, too.

20 and 35 watt lamps have the best endurance of the reflector, and do the least damage to the fixtures themselves.

Buying them 1-off from Home Depot will end you in the poor-house. For BAB type lamps, the ones IKEA sells aren't too bad, and are $2.50/ea in a 2-pack.

We get them in bulk at work, and pay between $2-$5 ea., depending on type and quantity. (Bulk for us means 10-25 cases of 50/ea.)

Leo Kerr

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