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    Hey guys I need a surge protector preferably with at least 8 inputs. What kind of surge protector will do, do they have to be made for home theater, or will a normal computer one do? What about the joule rating I noticed some protectors have a higher amount of joules. What does this mean, is it important. Oh and I want it to be as cheap as possible and hopefully available at a place like Best Buy, CC, Office Max etc but I will order one if I have too.
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    to protect your HT system, everything that's connected needs to be protected: receiver/dvd/tv/coax or satellite going in, etc.
    more joules means a longer lifetime for the MOV's that're being used. the lifetime of an MOV is sort of exponentially related to it's joule rating. hence, the more the better.
    So your one of those thrifty shoppers...great!
    How's about a 12 outlet, 3050 joule unit for $25? http://store.yahoo.com/directron/s5280.html
    shipping's about $10 but if you decide to buy from directron, see if there's anything else there that floats your boat...maybe some keyboards (beats cleaning them!), etc. Yes, Stratitec is a real company. The unit's got the UL1449 Rev.2 listing and tosses in EMI/RFI filtering to boot.
    A better deal on the above is a package deal available at Sam's Club where you get the above unit plus a little 6 outlet surge strip for $19. You need a membership there ($35 personal) or someone who's a friend that's got one. I think? Sam's Club (Walmart related) will let you buy without a membership but tack on something like a 10% surcharge. If so, it's worth it. Don't know if Walmart's got them.
    Now you might say why so cheap. A better question is why are the other brands so expensive? MOV's are dirt dirt dirt cheap.

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