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What is the best way to connect dreamcast to HDTV? (1 Viewer)

Dave Miller

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May 9, 1999
I've got my DC hooked through my Denon AVR-3300 via a Monster s-video cable and it looks stunning on my Tosh 65H80. I know there are VGA boxes for the DC, but then (with my TV) I would also need a VGA to component converter. I'm sure it would be eye popping w/ that configuration, but s-video is impressive enough for me right now.
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Troy LaMont

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Mar 11, 1999

The best way is to acquire a Dreamcast VGA adapter. They can usually be had from $14.99 - $29.99. Electronics Boutique and Kay-Bee toys carries a couple.

Now, if your particular TV has a VGA input, you're set. All you need is a VGA cable between the DC VGA adapter and the TV.

If your set doesn't have VGA input, but has RGBHV (5 RCA) inputs then you need to get the following;
  1. VGA breakout cable. These can be had usually at most computer stores and some electronics stores. Bettercables.com has them (kinda pricey) and so does some other online vendors.
  2. BNC to RCA adapters. The breakout cable typically has BNC connectors at the end. You need to convert the BNC to RCA to connect it to your TV. These usually are around $.99 - $1.50 at Radio Shack.[/list=a]

    Now, if your TV only has component, then it's a more expensive route;
    1. VGA breakout cable.
    2. VGA to component convertor. Such as the one produced by Audio Authority or RCA. These puppies will set you back at least $100.
    3. Component video cable. To run from the convertor to the TV.[/list=a]

      Other than that, the next best thing is s-video and most third party vendors have an s-video cable for the DC.

      Hope this helps.


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