What is so great about the Infocus X1?

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    Don't take my subject heading as an insult or the misconception that I am offering a review. I really do want to know why the X1 is so great.
    I had read several forum posts of people suggesting the X1, and other projectors, to purchase for a home theater application. When I look up the specs of this projector I learn that this projector, although it is DLP, only has a native resolution of 800X600. This is what puzzles me. My old and decrepit Epson Powerlite 5000XB, lcd, has a native resolution of 800X600. Although mine doesnt have nearly as close of a contrast level or lumen output, it still has 750 lumens which is good enough for my completely pitch black basement. So how does the X1 beat my projector in terms of producing a clearer image? Am I misunderstanding what is meant to have a resolution of 800X600? Could someone please explain to me in simple, explained English what it is this projector has? Thanks. Matt
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    What I think the features that makes it beat other low res projectors is the scaling processer it has and (compared to older projectors) it's lamp life.

    Other great budget projectors include Panasonic AE300, Sanyo Z1 an Sont HS10. These are all LCD unlike the X1 which is DLP. These are all 16:9 unlike the X1 which is 4:3.

    I would guess your ANSI contrast on your epson to be 200:1

    that means that the blackest "black" you could get would be 750 lumens(your projectors rating) diveded by 200 = 3.75 lumens

    on the X1 its 800 lumens(running in film mode) divided by 1800 (its ANSI contrast) = .44 lumens

    3.75 lumens versus .44 lumens

    Also you epson is an LCD projector. The screendoor effect on that will be much greater that on the X1.( or on higher res LCD's)

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