What is S/PDIF

Sep 28, 1999
Can it be connected directly to a DD/DTS receiver ?
What kind of cable does it use ?
How long can the cable be run ?
I saw a Sigma Hollywood Plus card for $50 and I already have a DVD ROM. I want to experiment this connecting to a TV because it can playback PAL on a NTSC TV.
How long can the S-Video cable be ?
Thanks for any guidance.
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Scott Falkler

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Oct 23, 2001
Sony/Philips Digital Interface
I have one running from a Sound Blaster Live Platinum (front panel Live! Drive connection) using a 20+ foot RCA cable to my Yamaha RXV-995, and it is the best thing ever to hear my audio files on my main stereo!
(I tried a stereo RCA connection before, but picked up too much noise, but since it's digital now, no noise!)

Steve Berger

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Sep 8, 2001
I got my last Hollywood + for $36. One of my PCs has about 65 feet of wiring to the TV. The decoder (not the sound card)will pass DD/DTS on a coax output (which can be converted to toslink optical with a $15 device). I found I could send s-video on cat5 cable without interference but composite started to distort after about 35 feet. You will need software like Zone Selector to change regions without locking the card after 5 changes. You should check out the SigmaDesigns newsgroup for a LOT of info on getting it to work and all the tweaking needed. If you get it working the TV picture is very good and a lot of options open up. One hack can actually give you a progressive component output to feed an HDTV ready TV! Good luck.

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