What is really selling large HDTV's?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Kevin Collins, Jul 2, 2013.

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    What pushes a consumer to buy a large HDTV (i.e. >50")? Is it 3D, 4K, Internet connected, apps?

    The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) had their annual CE Week Event in New York last week. One of the topics they covered was television viewing and what little growth there is in profits these days. CEA reports that the hot products are still in tablets and smartphones.

    The only thing that has helped maintain growth, however small, in HDTV set sales has been lower prices and not necessarily features like Internet connectivity or higher resolution. Steve Koenig, CEA director of industry analysis, said that TVs have become “cheaper, bigger and provide more real estate for less money."

    Sales of 50in and larger flat-panel TVs are up 12 percent from January through March 2013 over last year.

    Shawn DuBravac, chief economist and director of research at the CEA reported that in 2011, just 11 percent of TVs sold were 50in or larger, but that is predicted to increase to 34 percent by 2016. This shift to larger screens is being spurred by low prices and “replacement buys.” Internet-connected TVs are also gaining minimal traction among buyers, with 36 percent of all sets sold this year expected to include a variety of “smart” features.

    How many of you have done a "replacement buy" solely for getting a larger screen?
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    I bought my 73-inch DLP set in 2011 after my 65-inch CRT set died. It was 11 years old and after the convergence went out, it eventually would not power on. This was not a replacement for size alone, but an affordable upgrade that would fit in my home theater.
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    I wonder if they include..."Buy a new 65" and put the prior 52" in the bedroom...cause the bedroom 27" tube died"...A replacement buy...???
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    When you replace a 4:3 set with a 16:9 TV, you have to go larger to get the same apparent image size. (height is the determining factor, not diagonal) Hence the "shift to larger screens" data.

    And a flat panel set has a much shorter life than a CRT-based product causing "replacement buy" to occur sooner.

    All in all, a fairly worthless, self-serving pronouncement from the CEA.

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