What is NTSC?

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    Awhile back I rented a projector from an audio/video company for a party I was throwing. My friend handling the visuals said it had to be a NTSC projector. I had no idea what it was but I found one anyway. The company I rented it from told me it could project like a 30" image on up to the size of an outdoor movie screen(Incredible) and you can hook it up to a computer and VCR. After using it I decided I will never own another TV and I must have one. What exactly is it, who makes them and where can I get one?
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    NTSC is a name given to our current, out of date television system in the North American and Japanese regions (elsewhere?). The "cute" full name is Never Twice the Same Color; not the actual name but still a very telling description.
    You want a High Definition (HDTV) capable projector. Try a DLP or LCD projector that can do AT LEAST 720p HDTV resolutions and has a decent quality scaler. Preferably in a native 1.78:1 aspect ratio. High Rez., widescreen DLP projectors are about to come out (the Sharp 9000 looks to be the first out of the gates and a real stunner), and there are currently about three big name widescreen LCD projectors (from Sony and Sanyo).
    The only problem--- you should wait to see what future projectors will support DVI and FireWire digital video connections and the HDCP and 5C copy protection schemes before throwing your money away.
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    Never Twice the Same Color [​IMG]
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