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What Is It With Salesmen? (1 Viewer)

James Edward

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May 1, 2000
Last week it was the car- this week I am assisting my aunt in the purchase of an A/C unit for thru-the-wall installation.

She went on her own, and got a price of 369.00 for the A/C, and 149.00 for the install. She said she thought these were high. The salesman dropped the install to 99.00 and the A/C to 339.00

She called me of course, before she signed on(she usually does). I looked up the A/C- the Panasonic MSRP is 234.95 !!! I called PC Richard, a small local chain, and a salesman I deal with gave me a price of 182.97 for the same unit. And they had a rebate program for the install- 145.00, but an 80.00 rebate for a total of 65.00. I'll add, however, that I don't think a 99.00 install price is too high. There is definitely a responsibility factor in cutting a large hole in someone's home.

1st store with tax- 474.00
2nd store with tax- 269.00
205.00 difference

This is an appliance store directly across from a Best Buy. It is the type of store that complains that the big stores are driving them out of business. [rant]Why in the world would the first store have quoted such a high price? Above the MSRP! Do they think people are that stupid? Or that someone would go back to bargain for a lower price? Knowing what I know, why would I ever go back there?[/rant]


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Nov 2, 2002
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Not sure about A/C units, but I have seen HD offer lights for half the price of local lighting stores, for the same model #.

However, upon inspection, they were NOT the same! The local lighting store had much higher quality build, was nearly twice the weight, with higher quality wire etc.

Held side by side the difference was obvious.

Not saying that is the case here, but the benefit of the doubt is a generous gift.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, only about 20% of salespeople are ethical and/or knowledgeable enough about their product to be trusted. The trick isn't outsmarting the other 80%, it is about finding the 20% and holding onto them!

James Edward

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May 1, 2000

Eric- I never looked at it that way- brilliant way to put it. But that is exactly what I have been doing- and believe me, the salespeople that I have found to be honest and fair have benefited greatly. I am the 'buyer' for a lot of members of my family, so the salesperson gets many multiples of business. The PC Richard salesman has gotten well over 10k in business through me, and my primary audio store owner calls me his "best equipment broker".

Salespeople should realize that each sale is not their last, and you never know who will be in it for the long, dollar filled haul. I don't think my aunt would buy a toaster from that store anymore, and I'm certain she'll warn others off.

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