What is involved with inst. of a 2nd rec.?

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    I'm getting a free inst. of DirectTV but the installer is
    advertising a $49 second receiver installation fee? What does this involve? Is it basically hooking up the dish (calibrated already) itself to the second receiver or is there more involved? I can't see why running another RG-6 cable costs $49 and was wondering about doing it myself, at least that part. I'm not fond of climbing the roof and I originally though the second receiver was daisychained to the main receiver but apparently the coax is run from the dish itself as a 2nd wire.
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    I have Dishnetwork but I'll assume the equipment is similar. Yes you have to have a separate cable run from the dish to the second receiver. The advantage for you would be not climbing the roof as you said but also if you wait and add a second receiver you'll probably wind up paying more than you are with this "2 receiver package". The price on standalone or "slave" receivers is rather expensive. If you're even a little uncomfortable with climbing ladders, snaking cable, etc. it's worth the extra $49 to have an installer do it. Besides if you do it yourself and it don't work, you've got no one to call! (Well you can always try posting here. [​IMG]
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