what is convergence?

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    i know this is a stupid question, but I just need to be sure so i know what I think it is.
    is it the shape of the screen, ie if the picture is trapezoidal looking, you could adjust via the convergence settings? any information is greatly appreciated!!
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    Convergence on rear projection TVs generally means adjusting the 'aim' of the red, green, and blue guns so they converge on the same position to produce WHITE without red, green or blue fringes.
    Some sets only have '1 point' or 'cross' convergence, which puts a big + sign in the middle of the screen and lets the owner adjust the red and blue aim to get a 'clean' white sign.
    My Pioneer Elite (and some other TVs usually via a service menu) lets me do a *72* point convergence adjustment, so there's no fringing at any point on the screen... way cool.
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    Mar 16, 1999
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    Most TVs will also have geometry adjustments in the service menu. To fix minor geometry problems, convergence makes sense, but a major problem like you described can hopefully be fixed primarily my geometry adjustments.
    On my Toshiba there is a trapezoidial adjustment in the service menu. It may also be called a 'keystone' adjustment.
    Trying to shift around convergence to adjust geometry without the correct convergence grids is not something I would recommend (I speak from experience! [​IMG])

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