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What is "Cinema DSP"? How do I use it? Where can I get it?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by NathanP, Sep 30, 2001.

  1. NathanP

    NathanP Supporting Actor

    Aug 13, 2001
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    What's Cinema Dsp?
    Is it an add-on to Pro-Logic?
    Is it a competitor with Dolby?
    Is it better than DD 5.1??
    Can I get just the processor?
    So many questions!
    I've heard of Yahmaha (sp?) Cinema DSP, 7 channel Cinema DSP and others..
    So give me some help with it, as Ii might be interested in it if it's cheap..
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  2. Keith Mickunas

    Keith Mickunas Cinematographer

    Dec 15, 1998
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    Cinema DSP is essiantally a brand name for Yamaha's DSP modes. Others may use similar names, and they all more or less do the same thing. They modify the sound to emulate different venues or they just try to enhance the sound by emphasizing and modifing the sound field.
    With Yamaha's receivers, the DSP modes can be used on all source types, DD, DTS, DPL, stereo, etc.. I believe most receivers that have various DSP modes work in a similar manner. Currently it seems like Yamaha's DSP modes tend to be favored by most reviewers. Many receivers just sound gimmicky, whereas Yamaha (and others I'm sure) do a fair job of improving the overall sound effect.
    Also, part of the Cinema DSP effect on higher end Yamaha receivers is that they include a pair of Front Effects speakers. These are intended to be placed above and outside the main speakers, and broaden the soundstage. Most feel that these work quite effectively to enhance the sound.
  3. Selden Ball

    Selden Ball Second Unit

    Mar 1, 2001
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    DSP = Digital Signal Processing
    It's also the prefix that Yamaha uses in the names of some of their digital audio equipment.
    "Cinema DSP" is Yamaha's proprietary method of creating an enveloping surround-sound experience either from two channel stereo or from 5.1 sources. You can tell it what kind of room to simulate and where in it you want to sit. For a detailed review, you might take a look at the web page http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...upplement.html
    So far as I know, it's only available in Yamaha's equipment, either their receivers or preamp/processors. For a review of one of their pre/pro's see http://www.homecinemachoice.com/test...DSP-E800.shtml
    I can't find that model listed on Yamaha's web site, so maybe it's out of production.

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