What is best for basement HT floor?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Dan_J_H., Oct 22, 2004.

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    I am planning to build a HT in my basement. The size will be 12'-10" by 25'. I have a tiled cement floor. I have heard that a carpeted wood floor is better than a carpeted tile floor. Is a wood floor really better? If so, what is a good way to construct the floor? My celiling height is 7'. I do have a drain in the middle of the floor, so there is a slope to the drain.

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    I'm using a product called DRICORE ... I'm actually installing it today [​IMG] It looks like a fairly simple process.

    DRICORE comes in 2'x2' sheets of pressboard with a plastic backing with some nubs to raise it off the floor. It's supposed to keep the floor dryer, warmer etc. I also wanted it to transfer the bass through the floor.

    You can read more about the product here:

    DRICORE Home Page

    In Canada, you can buy the flooring @ HomeDepot, so I'm going to assume the same in the States.

    I had a friend install this product in his basement about a year ago, where his concrete floor was very un-even. The leveling kits did not provide enough leveling. They needed to install sheets of pressboard ontop of the product which did a great job.

    Hope this helped.


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