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What is a fair price for these laserdiscs? (1 Viewer)


Feb 17, 2000
I need some help. I'm planning to sell my complete laserdisc collection but I don't know what a fair price is for some of them. They are in mint condition if not otherwise noted.
Basic Instinct (remastered)
Boyz n the Hood (Criterion)
Dr No (Criterion) Near Mint
Goldfinger (Criterion) Near Mint
Great Escape, The (Criterion) Near Mint
Halloween (Criterion)
Highlander (10th anniversary directors cut)
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Mississippi Burning (Collectors Edition)
Paths to Glory (Criterion) Near Mint
Red Shoe Diaries 1 & 2
RoboCop (Criterion)
Schindler's List
Seven (Criterion Box)
Shine (Criterion)
Some Kind of Wonderful (remastered)
Star Wars trilogy (original non-THX) Worth nothing?
Trainspotting (Criterion)
Video Essentials
Any hints are greatly appreciated
thanks Paul
Email: [email protected]
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alan halvorson

Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 1998
Paulus: I can help on a few of them. Of course, everything depends on condition. This is what I see on Ebay, which is what everyone uses nowadays to determine value. Nothing I say is absolute; it is just my estimate.
[*]Indiana Jones Trilogy: If they're all the widescreen version (there was only one WS version), then expect $100-$120. If they're truly mint - that means no creases, tears, marks, dings, etc.) - then they might go a bit higher. If they aren't the WS versions, then expect considerably less. Of course, a lot depends on timing and presentation.
[*]Star Wars Trilogy, original. WS or full screen? Neither are worth anything to me. Most of the time, they're not worth much on Ebay, if you can sell them at all. However, from time to time, I see these things go for a decent price. I don't know why or have any suggestions on how to tip the scale in your favor. My opinion is that they're bought by those who simply don't know any better. Expect maybe $15 or so, but hope to get lucky.
[*]Seven, Criterion. $20-$40 - normally towards the $40.
[*]Dr. No, Goldfinger, Criterion. There are two versions, a CLV and a CAV, 2-disc. The CLV, expect $10-$20. CAV? Dr. No is all over the place. I got one copy for $7.50. I would hope for $40-$50 typically. The CAV GoldFinger may go higher. And if it is the CAV Goldfinger, get in touch with me at Alan Halvorson - I may want it.
[*]Schindler's List. A lot of variation here, depending on which version you own. The normal 2-disc version, maybe $15-$20. The box set, $30-$50. The DTS version - $150+. Maybe $180+.
[*]The Great Escape, Criterion. This one ought to bring a lot of bucks and sometimes gets up to $30, but lately the market is down on this title. I don't know why as it's highly desirable. For one, it's framed correctly (or more correctly) then the dvd. Plus it has a nice set of extras available nowhere else. I'd ask at least $30.
[*]Halloween, Criterion. Single or two-disc? Single disc isn't worth much, the two-disc, $20-$30.
[*]Boyz n the Hood, Criterion. I can't give you a number but I have seen these go for decent money.

The rest I don't have much of an idea. They're not titles I seek or ones I recognize as being particularly valuable. The best way to determine value is to use Ebay. Enter a title and look at both active and completed auctions. That will give you a feel for the current market. Anything can happen on Ebay. Much depends on timing, how much competition you have for a particular title, whether there's a dvd counterpart and the particular mix of potential bidders on a given day.

One more thing: Selling LD's as a group will get you less money than if you sold them individually. If you group them, I, and most others, will simply bid on the ones we want and consider the rest as mere gravy.

Good luck!

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