What (if any) are my HD broadcast options?

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  1. Dave F

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    May 15, 1999
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    No one in my local area is broadcasting HDTV, and there is nothing in the near future, either. If I move to a satellite dish, is it possible to get the HD broadcasts from the main networks (ABC, CBS, NBC)? The HD movie channels sound great, but it would be just too painful to have HD and not receive Alias in HD!

  2. Mike I

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    Currently only Dish Network offers the CBS HD feed but you have to qualify to be able to receive it....
    Trying going to www.titantv.com to get an update of the status of local digital channels in your area...Unless you really live in a remote part of the country, over 95% of the U.S population can now receive some digital channels..
    You can also check with your cable company if available..Most cable companies that offer digital cable are or will be offering HD channels by the beginning of 2003..

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