What features should I look for in a 16x9 HD-ready set?

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  1. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    hi all -
    i wasn't sure whether to post here or in the hdtv forum, so i'll try here first. please move if necessary.
    i'm not real familiar with current tv technology, so i was hoping some of you could assist. basically, i'm wondering what kind of features and/or specs i should be looking for. i'm looking to spend approximately $2500.00 on a set. other than that, the only things i'm aware of include:
    • defeatable svm
    • component inputs
    • separate memory settings for each input
    • some sort of internal line-doubling (not sure about this...)
    • dual tuners (no big deal here...i can take it or leave it)
    • p.i.p. (again...no big deal)
    that's about all i can think of. if anyone can suggest other "must-have" features, please reply.
    also, if any particular brands or models come to mind, please let me know. i'm not particularily brand-loyal when it comes to tv's, so my mind's wide-open.
    thanks in advance!
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  2. george king

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    May 29, 1999
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    Essentially you are looking for a HDTV in that price range. Given your list, your best bet is probably the new Toshiba 50h81, that a lot of people are raving about. You could stop by a Best Buy and take a look at the set.
    Hope this helps.
  3. steve jaros

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    OneCall.com - an authorized Toshiba dealer - has the new 57h81 for $2699, shipping included.

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