What exactly is S-Video switching?

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    Ok, I have had a Denon AVR-2800 for about 2 years now. I got it to have the cornerstone of my home theater. Well, it has taken me this long to get a decent TV (Toshiba 27A41) and DVD player (Pioneer DV-343) together to have a modest home theater.

    Anyways, I can't remember if my receiver does or doesn't have S-video switching. I will find out for sure soon. Well, I was wondering what exactly is S-video switching and if my Denon doesn't have it, will I miss it? Thanks.

    Jaster Mereel
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    S-video switching is just video switching using S-video connections. If your receiver has S-video inputs and outputs, it probably does switching.

    You can spot an S-video connector easily. It's bigger than the standard composite connector and contains a series of pins, as opposed to the standard RCA connector for composite connections, which is the same connector used for audio. An S-video input on the receiver is usually flat and flush with the receiver's surface, whereas an RCA input will protrude slightly.


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