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    I have my system already picked out which includes:
    Yamaha RX-V1300
    NSP-1 for surrounds and center
    JBL N28's for Mains
    SVS 20-39PCi

    Onkyo 8211
    JBL N26 AW
    JVC 5 disc cd changer

    Now what exactly do I need to hook everything up? I know I need wire, so I'm going to get some 12 gauge from Partexpress.com. But what other connections do I need? What wires/cables to hook up the DVD player to the receiver? How about the T.V. to the receiver, and the CD player to the receiver? Can I hook up the cd player to both receivers? Can I hook up both receivers to the sattalite receiver? How exactly do i do this? thanks
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    I'm not too familiar with Yamaha RX-V1300, but my Marantz had pictures and diagrams to hook up everything. But this is what I would do.

    First you need to decide how much are you willing to spend, because there are brands of cables that could even cost more that your speakers, and many people here say that Radio Shack cables will do the jobs just fine. I have AR because my Radio shack store didnt have all the cables that I needed so I bought everything in accesories4less.com.

    At least to hook up your system you will need

    1) Video cables
    1.1) To hook up your receiver to your TV, the best options is component cables, but they are expensive, so I went with S video. Check your TV if you have a component input.first. Avoid Composite conection, at least but S video.
    1.2) To hook up your Direct TV reciever, check the available outputs, if you have S video go with it, your receiver should have a DTV imput.
    1.3) If you a DVD connect it also at least with S video.

    2) Audio Cables
    2.1) You will need RCA cables to connect your CD changer to your receiver.
    2.2) If you have a DVD player, buy either a Coaxial or a Optical cable. I like more the Fiber optics cable, but it is your choice, some people prefer optical and other coaxial. But either will work great.
    2.3) If you have an analog cable conection also, check if your TV has audio analog outputs, which you can conect with RCA cables to your receiver.

    Again, Check your receiver manual and the different options it has to connect. Also buy some 12 gauge wire to connect your receiver and speakers, you might also consider buy some banana plugs.

    Hope this helps,
    Pablo Abularach

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