What else are we going to see live on the internet?

Frank Anderson

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Jun 7, 1999
I really don't know what to say about this. I have lots of ranges of emotions going through me. Everything from Amazement to disgust. I can understand why this guy is doing this (don't agree) but it would seem to me that there should be a better way.
What I am talking about is Paul Morgan of Biloxi Mississippi is going to cut off both his feet live on the internet. His feet are non-functional because of an automobile accident, and he wants hydraulically operated prostheses and this is the only way he knows to raise the $200,000 to buy them.
This was also not your normal auto accident
Paul and several of his friends had been out boating that day. They were on their way home, pulling the boat on a trailer behind the truck. Paul fell out of the back of the truck and was run over by the boat trailer they were towing.
I would think there would be some sort of insurance program available to him. Maybe some hospital could work with him on price and whatnot. This whole thing seems odd as hell to me and I guess this could be some sort of stunt. As of mid-August he only signed up 10 viewers (at $20 each) but traffic on http://www.cutoffmyfeet.comhttp://www.dvdprofiler.com/mc.asp?alias=Nightdog&acceptadult=true

Scott L

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Feb 29, 2000
Ugh! I love free speech as much as the next guy but I think that should be illegal. Imagine if you charged strangers money to come into your house so they could watch you sever yourself. I'm sure the police would jump on that!
It IS a touchy subject, but what Paul is doing is definitely not the right answer.

Bruce Hedtke

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Jul 11, 1999
Why is it not the right answer? Is he endangering anyone else? He is making a clear decision of what he wants to do to himself and I think he has every right to make that decision and carry it out. I won't watch. You don't have to either. But, it's not your or my or the governments job to dictate what a person can do to harm themselves, as long as that act doesn't endanger other people. Is it sick? Is it wrong? Is it stupid? Nope. It's just different.

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Deane Johnson

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Jan 27, 1999
Assuming of course that they are disease free.
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Jay H

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Mar 22, 1999
Pittsfield, MA
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One could also make the same argument for suicide also. Not that I am against the guy but I certainly wouldn't be paying to see anything like that on the internet and that's just my choice, but it isn't completely as clear cut as saying that there's no harm done to anybody else. A mental illness is still an illness and I know alot of people are fighting for the same patient rights for mental illnesses as for when say Johnny breaks a leg.
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Feb 27, 2001
Prostitutes would say the same thing.
and they would be right too.. 'regulating' such a business is just any government's attempt to control flow of money to such legally endorsed businesses.. there's nothing 'moral' about it for them... I gurantee more than half of lawmakers themself benefit from these services.
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