What does it take to get an anime released on DVD?

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    I'm sure the studio has to know there is a market for it. But how difficult would it be for said studio to get the rights to it?
    I'm currently converting the two episodes of the Ninja Turtles OVA from Japan, at least the only two originals known to exist, to DVD. It would be great to get that elusive first episode up, and have this thing dubbed with the original US voice actors. For those who don't know about it, there's a section with clips and pics on my site. I'm thinking of starting a write in campaign to 4Kids(producers of new show), to let 'em know there's an audience for it.
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    The company that owns the rights in the US (Artisan?) to the original cartoon would more than likely have to license it. There's a TON of issues here

    Companies that need to sign off on any deal

    3-Animation studio (Sunbow?)
    4-Japanese rights holders
    5-Japanese distributor
    6-Whoever paid for the OVA (if different from above)

    No one wants the headache enough I don't think. Dealing with Japanese studios is WORSE than pulling teeth if you don't already have a pre-existing buisiness relationship with them. Rhino didn't even pony up for the horrifically Australian dubbed Transformers OVAs.

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    Honestly, it would probably take 1/3 of the time and hassle to just make a direct to video special with the new turtles show, which is what they'd do

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