What does Best Buy service plan cover?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by seth_petry_john, Oct 28, 2003.

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    Another thread on whether or not to buy extended warranties or service plans got me thinking. Does anyone have any experience with BB service plans on RPTVs? What is/is not covered?

    When I bought my 57" Toshiba RPTV last December, I paid for the 4 year extended service plan. At the time I didn't know much about HT, but I knew that the IN HOME service part of the agreement alone made it worthwhile: there's no way my tiny Eclipse can transport that TV to and from the shop for service!

    During the sales pitch, the sales guy told me that the plan covered the PERFORMANCE of the TV, not just its parts, and that if I ever felt the TV wasn't performing up to par I could call up BB and have a tech come out to clean the guns/lenses/whatever.

    Now, the sales guy told me, almost verbatim, "You can't just call and ask to have your guns cleaned or aligned, they won't do that. Instead, just call and say the TV is looking fuzzy and they'll come out and clean them".

    Is this true? What kinds of service can the BB techs perform? I'm sure its nowhere near a true ISF calibration, but is it worth it at all?
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    It's the difference between changing the oil on the car but not the filter and then thinking you have all the benefits of a full tune up.

    Think of the extended warranty as insurance ... incase of the catastrophic failures ... inwhich case one is usually enough to pay for the cost of the warranty. If cleaning is covered ... let them take care of that ... since you paid for it already.

    They will likely clean it and do a bit of convergence. Stuff that takes about 1 hour.


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