What does a NETWORK BRIDGE do in WinXP?

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    Nick So
    The title says it all...

    I have two network cards on my computer right now, one thats integrated on the Mobo, and one PCI network card.

    Would network bridging let me use both of the connections at the same time?

    I have one NIC hooked up through my router, and another thats directly to the DSL modem. The router doesnt let me send/recieve files/video/voice using MSN Messenger, i was thinking of i hooked up the other one directly to the DSL modem (splitting the DSL using a hub. One to my computer, the other to the router), so i can use that to bypass the router and send/recieve files using MSN.
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    It can be used like your NAT router. You're likely better off just using your current hardware router, than using your PC for security and ease-of-use reasons.

    Your current router should have an option to forward specific ports to specific internal IP address, which is likely your problem with MSN Messenger. Try updating the firmware on it, as well.

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