what do you want in madden 2005?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Brice, Dec 13, 2003.

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    IGN started their madden 2005 wish list
    but what else is there that we all want...

    for example:
    something that has been bugging me for a while is that the stats made in the playoffs aren't counted on the career stats... like if i got a player who has returned kicks or made big plays (interceptions, etc...), those stats are never seen again.

    it would be cool to see game by game hot and cold streaks, like week to week stat progression. That would be nice, not just for QB's but for most players.

    They also need to have the kick off and punt landing icon to drift if there's wind (like in NCAA).

    anyone else want to add?

  2. Damien

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    Mar 29, 2002
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    Graphics - Way more animations...also more life like player models, way better crowd, and less photo-realistic stadiums(so it feels like the stadium's are different)

    Sound - I'd give Madden 2004's sound a 2/10. They need to add way more lines of commentary, make them more enthusiastic, and finally more realistic. The crowd sounded like ass as well, and the hits could use some tweaking. The soundtrack needs to get a balance between sports anthems and pop songs, the latter which gets distracting and annoying the more you play the game. And how about not playing the songs after every little event in the game. I could go on and on, but that covers the main points.

    Owner Mode - There is some severe simming problems that need to be addressed. Make the Owner Mode more interactive with more things to do.

    Online - Add more freedom, get with the program on xbl, and there is no reason replays should be omitted.

    Gameplay -

    - Mario running/ping-pong/touch tackles...this MUST go...somehow someway.
    - Collision detection - Right now feels very canned. More variables need to be introduced.
    - Add in a fumble slider
    - Do something about the weird challegnes
    - get rid of the 1/2 replays, real dumb
    - Add in a Off/Def Vert slider, the INT's/INT TD's were extremely high.
    - improve control on defense

    Presentation - Will EA ever decide to put in a presentation that at leasts competes with Gameday? The celebrations, sound, graphical overlays, and other parts of the game are SOO behind ESPN no matter what EA puts in it will be behind. I guess you have to start somewhere...EA really needs to aquire the Fox Liscense, there is no reason not too.

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