What do you think????? Surround Sound Ideas wanted

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Titan34, Jul 19, 2012.

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    Finished basement 60 inch vt50 panasonic plasma and ps3.
    The basement is 35 ft by 25 ft. The TV area is in the corner with a soffit above the tv. There is a kneewall with granite top 10 ft away from tv. So viewing distance is about 9.5 feet. I also have a soffit right above the kneewall and need to figure out what type of speakers would be a good idea for rears.
    I am trying to get the surround sound completed for less than 1500.
    So far I am thinking Onkyo 609 or 909 I think. One is 289 the other 489 refurbished.
    I would like some decent towers for my fronts. So far I was thinking polk monitor 60 or 70's
    Sub thinking bic pl200 or polk 505
    center polk cs2
    No idea for rears.
    Please give me some advise I am a complete noob to speakers and surround sound. 70 percent movies.
    I need to get the ball rolling please help a guy out....
    Thanks Steve
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    If there is no where to "mount" speakers behind you...get another set of towers and just set em on the floor facing each other like surround speakers should be.
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    Jason Charlton

    Corner setups are notorious for wreaking havok with speaker placement.

    First of all, have you checked out the Dolby guidelines for speaker placement? Note that for 5.1 setups, the best place for the "surround" speakers is to the sides of the listening position, not behind.

    If budget prevents you from getting a second set of towers for the surround speakers, you can always get bookshelves and some inexpensive speaker stands (or build your own).

    Not sure what the price on the Polk sub is, but chances are you can do better than Polk when it comes to subs. The Bic F-12 has a great reputation as one of the best $200 subs out there. I think Polk's speakers are decent (you could consider the Monitor 40 or 30s for surrounds), but their subs just aren't a great value in terms of performance.

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