What Do You Think of These Speaker Stands?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by BluHT, May 27, 2012.

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    I recently acquired an Aperion Intimus 4T 5.1 audio setup, including the Aperion Intimus 4B bookshelf-style speakers as the surrounds. (A terrific investment, btw — I'm noticing all sorts of subtleties I never heard before.)
    Since I would prefer to mount the speakers on floor stands (as opposed to on a shelf or table), I've been looking at speaker stands, including the pair that the manufacturer recommends for the 4B speakers, the Sanus EFSat Speaker Stand:
    Who else has stands like these? On the product detail page they look relatively elegant (and they're adjustable) but my concern is about their stability and durability. They're not extremely expensive, but I also don't want stands that look cheap in reality.
    There's also this one:
    and this one:
    The alternative would be to buy stands with thicker columns.
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    Your links didn't work for me. Maybe my reply is to old. Anyway, I don't think the stand is a big issue. I paid $50 for no name stands for the 4 speakers (2 front-2 rear). The base of the stand is heavy. The speakers bolt on, or Velcro on. They swivel. The height is adjustable. Really, what else is there? These 4 speakers have no bass to vibrate. Out of all the 5.1 equipment, the speaker stands were the very least of my concern. I'm not saying that your question about the stands is unimportant. It is, however, the only equipment I didn't think about when putting my system together.
    A heavy base so they don't tip, and
    Lots of ability to adjust..
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    According to Sanus those stands support up to 10 lbs (the 4B's are 6 1/2) and have a high-mass cast iron plate so if Aperion recommends them that would be good enough for me. Personally, I use solid wood plant stands for my surrounds (I'm in earthquake country) but nothing wrong with any of the stands you mentioned.

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