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What do you think? Does the writer have a point..."The Best Films That the Oscars Ignored" (1 Viewer)


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Nov 11, 2011
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The Best Films That the Oscars Ignored
This evening is the annual Academy Awards telethon for Harvey Weinstein, and the Academy has again decided to nominate every dull, derivative, and overly melodramatic film appearing in theaters the past twelve months. There have been over three hundred films about Lincoln. Dozens for the French Revolution, even in song. The same for token films about impoverished empowerment. Endless are the entries of “based on a true story” terrorist capers. In fact, everything else nominated is either passé or redundant. The following is a guide to a few films of merit the Academy ignored. John Carter is an excellent picture. It was, however, considered a colossal flop and is expected to be a $200-million loss. At its premiere the movie was shown in 3D, IMAX, and ordinary versions. When I finally viewed it on the small screen it was exhilarating: imaginative and interesting yet with dramatic action. It is no great philosophical film but is quite fun and enjoyable all the same, much as Raiders of the Lost Ark was before auteurs raised it to ridiculous cult status. It features a handsome brave hero, a beautiful intelligent princess, and a clever resolution which rewards nobility. While there are plenty of green Martians in the film, few other minorities appear. Years ago a disgusted executive said of The Rocketeer (also produced by Disney) he never wanted to hear another parent complain they couldn’t take their children to the cinema for a pleasant afternoon because when they had the opportunity absolutely nobody went. No, there is not intelligent life on Mars (at least not now). But the fact that so many patrons turned up their affected noses at the prospect of a little nostalgic diversion is a good indication there isn’t much intelligence left here on Earth, either.
Read the rest, if you want here: http://takimag.com/article/the_best_films_that_the_oscars_ignored_guy_somerset#axzz2LrKg1yPH

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Dec 13, 1998
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This guy leads of with John Carter? I did like this movie and I own the 3D version but...it was no glaring omission that it didn't get any nominations. It's a fun film, should have done better at the BO but it didn't deserve any oscar nominations (as many good films don't). I didn't see any of the other films on his short list so I won't comment on them. His article had at least a hint of contrarianism. I got the feeling that at least some of his opinion is based on wanting to be contrary to prevailing opinion. IMHO, of course.

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