What do you make of this thread? May be of intrest to Anime fans..

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    I frequent a group that's known to have rather hostile regs. They're actually a pretty knowledgable group once things settle down in there, but things can get rather insulting once in a while...
    This was one of those whiles, when I posted this thread. I don't see much wrong with it.... did it deserve a lashing? [​IMG].
    >>I like to think of the Big O, as the Japanese version of Batman(Rich guy, dresses in black, cool butler, fights crime), only with a Big Robot added. I guess it must have been popular enough for CN to try and do something unique. Get a long(?) finished Anime reborn with a second season.
    Dragonball Z is CN's biggest cash cow. They have another year of DBZ to mooch off of, and probably two more for DBGT. But, do you think they would dare ask Toei to make more?
    If they did, I'd like to see if they could get Toriyama(Script maker to help make it official cannon) to fill in the gap between the Cell Games, and Gohan going to highschool. Somehow filling up a saga to see how the
    characters get from Point A, to where we see them in Point B. Maby go back to the humor and adventure aspect that was DB, and pay less attention to battle detail...
    Either that, or they could always fill in the ten(?) year gap between Post Buu and Pre-GT. Either way would give them enough time to fill up a few new sagas, and help promote the live action movie...
    I knew there was little chance of the above happening, but I felt like posting a note about it... I didn't think the thing turned out bad enough to get insulted in a reply over it...
    Sigh... Maby I'm not the only one in an alternate mood because of the squelching 90 degree heat at 11:40 PM...
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    Toriyama is FINISHED with Dragonball. Many people say GT actually stands for "Goodbye Toriyama"

    Don't they still have 100 or so original Dragonball eps to dub?

    The Big O is not long dead, it's at most 3 years old DBGT went off the air around 97.

    I'm going to tell you right now, the live-action movie will be horrifically bad. It will be ludicrous, or it will be nothing like the original

    I hope that when DB ends the kiddees will go out and look for something more mature and mentally stimulating rather than fight-kamehameha-repeat

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