What do you guys think of the MegaChangers?

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    Wondering what you think of the MegaChangers that are out there. I don't see any that support SACD and we already have a DVD player that we like.

    We have a 8 month old and have heard about them mangling your CD's and cases once they can crawl. The wife was thiking we could kill 2 birds with one stone here: clean up the CD's and get them out of her way.

    Are they a big pain? How do you organize them? Is it just a sea of unknown CD's in there. Relability??

    What units do you like?


  2. Vishwa Somayaji

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    I have a 300+1 CD player from Pioneer and I love that . It is a decent player but the convenience of having all CDs permanently loaded in a dust free environment is great for me. It has several features to organize your discs but I have never bothered to do that. I know where my CDs are and that is good. There are probably better ones out there now but a lot of people are not quite happy with the sound quality of those. Most of your dollars go towards the mechanical device rather than DACs and ADCs. However, if you get a digital out to a good processor, I think they sound pretty good. Generally speaking, audio purists would not buy one of these.
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    I have sony's - 2x 200cd + 1 300 dvd/cd

    yes they are great for children (I won't say wifes) ar any one who do put them back in cases.

    I think they sound and look great and are user friendly once you set them up.

    I have more than 1000 cd and only about 500 fit

    here are a couple of tips or things to think about

    do you use cds in the car or other place?

    you might want to leave some out or burn copies so you don't have to reload

    a lot of cds by artists tend to have their hits on mulitple cds

    ..it's like bad radio, if you put them all together and hit play and hear the song 4 times in a hour

    grouping cds is a good way to organize and find things but do it before you put them in

    stack on the floor or something

    before you enter the names titles etc...make sure thats how you want them'it's a lot of work to type 200 cd titles

    good luck

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